Seattle Jobs

This picture is the Washington Mutual tower in Seattle. It is the 2nd highest bldg in Seattle. I hung upside down over the edge of the various rooflines to hang metal medallions ( I had a safety rope/harness in case the strong bricklayer let go my legs). Google earth gives a great perspective view when you get kinda close in magnify which shows the medallions I hung with toggle bolts to holes in the granite. 1201 3rd ave, Seattle, Wa. is it’s address.

Just before this bldg I laid paver tiles (look like bricks) around the outside and inside of the Columbia Center, on all the walking surfaces for the outside to the street, and the first three floors which is a retail area.  Beautiful triangle inserts with herrigbone pattern of the bricks I put down; the stairs, and everywhere.  It is the highest building in seattle.  I worked for years in downtown hanging granite slabs on skyscrapers and setting marble slabs in their lobbys.

I was at the Bellevue Square shopping center in Bellevue, Wa.  for two years setting tile ( its all red and black tile on the floors and stairs).  Also I set 2″ tiles in the over mile long tunnel on I-90 in seattle, and the 3/4 mile tunnel across the floating bridge on mercer island.  More pictures coming soon…

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